So last time I posted I talked about how my mothers family treated her different for the fact that she has autism; for the fact that she is Miss Puzzles. After writing this entry I started thinking, don’t I do the same, don’t I give her limitations due to this fact? It was then I realized that yes I was doing to her exactly what her sibling and parents did to her. So I took some time off to learn my mother and all her many puzzles. Now I was nowhere near able to figure out everything that made her tick, but I picked up on her physical cues to where I was able to read her mood and a little bit of her thoughts based on her facial expressions. I had thought to myself how can I inspire or help those that are in my same situation if I could barely handle my own Puzzle at home. Almost a year later I am getting the hang of it more and more, so I thought it was time to come back and share on what I was able to learn from my adventures with Miss Puzzles.


My Never Boring Life WIth Miss Puzzles.

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Walking on Eggshells…

As we all know Autism is something that we are born with, it is not something that develops over time. Marydee showed signs of Autism at an early age; temper, walking at the age of two, and talking at the age of three( her speech came with audio and pronouncination problems, along with a stutter). […]

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A High Functioning Cartoon

Autism comes in many spectrums from high functioning to low functioning, there are also many different forms of Autism. My mother is on the high functioning side of the spectrum. Marydee can hold a job, she can solve simple problems, and is able to everyday activities(including driving). Though she isn’t perfect, she also come with […]

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Mary Dee

My name is Roxanne Sendejo, this February my mother was recently diagnosed as Autistic. Now this was no big shock to me, I had always known she was different, though I have to admit as a child I resented her for being different. I wanted to be like the families on tv(it wasn’t till later […]

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